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Testimonials from our Students and Families

We've received a lot of great compliments from our students and families. We'd like to share a few of their comments...

Children's Class Students and Parents

Dan Wozniak"Tae kwon do has taught my children the value of setting goals for themselves. Each of my children has the confidence to try new activities and believe they can succeed as a result of their achievements in tae kwon do." - Daniel Wozniak

Susan Manzella"It has helped build self-confidence, focus, self-determination, and respect for adults and peers."
- Susan Manzella

"My 6 year old has better focus at school and has learned to work hard for his belts and in turn work hard at schoolwork and chores."
- Jason Dernbach


Adult Class Students

Jason Dernbach"Tae Kwon Do has helped me lose weight (30lbs) and get us back on an exercise program. I have a new skip in my step, and even though my wife has just started, she is hooked." - Jason Dernbach

"It is different than joining a gym because you build a relationship with your teachers as well as fellow classmates. I like knowing that I can defend myself if I ever need to, and as I’m learning this I’m also getting a great workout." - Jess Rautenstrauch

"Tae Kwon Do helps me to keep my sanity! As a busy mom who works part time, I really enjoy going to class and focusing on learning and improving my tae kwon do skills, and not worrying about my ‘to do’ list for one hour of my busy day." - Christina Summerville

"Little Tigers" Class Parents

Jess Rautenstrauch"My son gained confidence, respect, and he opened up from being a quiet, shy little boy."
- Jess Rautenstrauch

"I have seen my boys improve in their focus and confidence."
- Christina Summerville

Family Class Students

Tiffany Genewick"My husband and both children and I train, so it is a wonderful family activity for us all to do together. Personally, I am the most physically fit that I’ve ever been since I started, and it has boosted my self-confidence. " - Tiffany Genewick

"You can do it as a family and learn more than tae kwon do – it will help you in all you do through your life." - Mike Solly

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